K9s Talking Scents – Cameron Ford

This podcast is all about Detection Dogs, we talk training, working the dog in the real world, starting a new dog, or have an experienced dog. 

Crime Fighting Canines: The Work of Cadaver Dogs

On Amazon Music, this 12 min episode contains exclusive interview by correspondent Tracey Leong with Jason Purgason, the training director of Highland Canine Training. Jason walks us through the process of training cadaver dogs and how vital they can be in investigations.

Your Own Backyard: Chris Lambert

This is a podcast series on the disappearance of Kristin Smart and the trial held in 2022. CARDA handlers were provided in the initial search. Several handlers provided testimony during the trial.

A&E True Crime Blog: Stories and News – How Cadaver Dogs and Their Handlers Help Solve Crimes

October 2021 post – The role of a cadaver dog—and the dog’s handler, because it really is a team—is to search areas where there is some kind of evidence or possibility that someone, or a piece of someone, may be located. 

Ethics and Legal Issues in the Courtroom: for Search and Rescue Dog Handlers – Terry Fleck Ed.D. and Christy Judah M.Ed authors.

This book contains vital information for search and rescue canine handlers. It not only covers handler ethics, it covers common areas of attack in court, courtroom testimony, becoming a courtroom expert witness and common questions asked of witnesses in court.

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