K9 teams-in-training from across California gathered last month for a big training in Nevada City. Apprentices and pre-apprentices took courses in navigation, ropes, low-angle rescue and litter transport, as well as worked field problems with their dogs.

Thank you to all the mission-ready... handlers who came to teach, cook and contribute! 🐶

“I’ll never forget the first time I watched a trailing team work: it looked like literal magic. Watching a dog follow a human’s path days after they walked it is a humbling experience. It lets us understand that dogs live in a totally unique, rich world thanks to their ability to obtain and ...analyze scent.”

Read the full story from CARDA K9 handler Cat McBride in the June issue of @baywoof_sf.

We are saddened to share that K9 handler Kaye Hall has passed away.

With a deep love for her beloved belgian sheepdogs, Kaye joined CARDA in 2004 and eventually went on to become K9 Captain of @napacosar for many years. Kaye will be greatly missed, and her positive impact will continue to ...be felt within CARDA and our community.

Congratulations to Michelle and K9 Elsa for for passing their human remains detection test! They are now a certified trailing and HRD team with CARDA.

Join us in congratulating Kim and K9 Fiona for passing their mission-ready test and becoming a certified trailing team!

Meet one of our rockstar search K9s, Java! 🧡 Java is a 3-year old german shepherd who is certified in both wilderness live-find and human remains detection (HRD).

It is not by coincidence that Java is named after coffee. He is a high-energy dynamo racing through fields, scrambling ...over boulders, and diving through thick brush in the relentless pursuit of his target odor.

“Java has turned out to be everything I wanted in a search K9 partner,” says his handler, Yvette. “He passed his Area certification test when he was only 17 months old. He passed his C2 HRD test at 19 months old. In two years of active duty, we have been on 54 deployments as far north as Del Norte County on the Oregon border and as far south as Los Angeles County.”

Fun fact: four of Java’s littermates are also certified CARDA K9s, as well as their mother! Talk about some special pups 🐶

Help support Java and his important work to find missing people by donating to CARDA via link in our profile.

It’s National Search and Rescue Week 🧡 We extend our deepest gratitude to the all SAR responders and task force teams who dedicate their lives to helping locate and rescue those in need.

Photo from @cal_oes

Dozens of CARDA handlers, apprentices and more gathered for a “mock” search earlier this month in Big Bear. There were both classroom and field work components including simulated lightning strike positioning, field shelter for a patient, field litter constructed from branches and a sleeping ...bag, injured dog sling carryout, and several more scenarios.

Teamwork is critical for successful searches, and we believe in creating safe spaces for members of all levels to practice their skills and prepare for deployments. Thank you to all who taught and trained!

Did you know May 5th was MMIP Awareness Day? Last Sunday, North Coast CARDA teams participated in the Yurok Tribe’s Missing or Murdered Indigenous People Awareness (MMIP) Walk on the ancestral lands of the Wiyot People in Eureka, CA.

“The MMIP crisis is prevalent across the United ...States, with Indigenous peoples being murdered at a rate 10 times the national average… California has the fifth-highest number of MMIP cases, the vast majority of which involve young women and girls. Today, at least 20 MMIP cases are recorded yearly in Northern California, but due to limitations in reporting, the actual number is suspected to be significantly higher.” (Source: @nativenewsonline)

Yurok Tribal Court’s To’ Kee Skuy’ Soo Ney-Wo-Chek’ (I will see you again in a good way) Project aims to establish a more effective system of investigation surrounding MMIP cases as well as an enhanced level of protection for Native women, girls, and two-spirit individuals living in the state of California. Learn more at: www.yuroktribalcourt.org

CARDA has previously assisted in several MMIP searches in an effort to bring answers to loved ones.

If you know an Indigenous person who has gone missing, please act immediately.