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If you are interested in training your dog in CARDA, please use this page.

For legal, operational, and safety reasons, CARDA can only respond to search and rescue mission requests through our sponsor, the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), at the request of the responsible public safety agency.

CARDA cannot deploy on search missions at the request of family or friends of the missing person. If you are in need of search and rescue services, contact the appropriate local law enforcement agency.

CARDA cannot search for lost pets.  

If you have questions about CARDA, before you write to us, please read the following:

Also, please note that CARDA, as an organization, does not accept donations of dogs.

If you would like to contact us by email, please use the form to submit your inquiry. Please use the “Join CARDA” link above, if you’d like information about how to join. That will automatically put you in touch with someone in your area.

If you would like to contact us by mail, we can be reached at:

3056 Castro Valley Blvd., #101
Castro Valley, CA 94546