We are saddened to inform you that Laura Sanborn [CARDA 589] passed away in the morning of July 25, 2023. 

Laura joined CARDA in 2006 and was very active with her first dog Rikki, going on over 50 searches. 

She is an icon in CARDA having had great influence and significant contribution to improving the organization.  She served as the Vice President (VP) of CARDA for 2 years and was instrumental in creating the VP Admin positions.  She sponsored many apprentices to Mission Ready Status. 

She suffered a stroke in 2015 that had devastating effects on her that she was not able to overcome.  She will be greatly missed.  Her positive impact will continue to be felt with the processes she implemented and the people she mentored.

Donations may be gifted in her honor at CARDA.org or World Central Kitchen.

CARDA Board of Directors

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