K9 Memorials

  • Mesa

    Mesa was a small Malinois. She was a great agility dog; she liked to hide in the tunnels. And she loved the snow.

  • Ranger

    Ranger was certified in Wilderness, Water, Cadaver and Evidence. It was a pleasure watching Ranger work and even more fun watching Terry trying to get Ranger’s “long down” signoff, 17 tries. Ranger loved to fly in helicopters, especially the Blackhawk. Ranger would do what ever task was asked of him. Ranger died doing his job. What a search dog!

  • Rusty

    Rusty was a wonderful dog. She was my first search dog, headstrong and brave. She was very timid when we started our training, but she met challenges with courage and devotion. Through her work in SAR and from the bounty of our colleagues, she overcame her shyness. Her hardheadedness drove me nuts, but she successfully commanded respect from me and I learned to appreciate it. Rusty was spirited and willful, as she was generous and totally committed. She loved her job; she had tremendous pride for it, and was darn good at it. In her years as a seasoned search dog, her skill and confidence at doing her job left me impressed and proud. As I move on to certifying me next dog, I will always remember the lessons Rusty taught me about this work. My relationship with her has brought me more joy and pride than I ever thought possible as she opened doors for me, and led me on journeys of adventure that I’ll never forget. Rusty was a member of CARDA, Alameda County SAR and Yosemite National Park SAR.

  • Sage

    Sage was the kind of dog who would do anything that was asked of her, and who was constantly on the alert to see what might be asked next. Day or night if I chanced to look over at her, the odds were that she had her eyes on me. If I could explain what I wanted, she would do it. I could trust her in any situation, and felt privileged by her trust in me.

    Sage did everything with intensity. Whether she was searching, playing Frisbee, playing Flyball, snuggling, or greeting a friend, she was heart and soul into the activity. I loved her focus, good will, quick intelligence, expressiveness, warmth, sense of humor, reliability, enthusiasm and drive.

    Sage worked searches throughout the state of California, the last only a month before she died from Lymphoma. She was an exceptional search dog and a great friend.

  • Schoggi

    Schoggi, named after the Swiss word for chocolate, was an incredible search dog with unrelenting drive. He would range ridiculously far but always kept track of my bell and came back to a whistle recall. We went on many searches and had success, comforting families with the find.

    He was the sweetest and nicest dog, never in a dustup and a great partner, and brother to his sister Scout, missed everyday, loved and memories forever.  What a partner….