K9 Memorials

  • Kirby

    Kirby was a reliable and dedicated search dog who approached the world with the confidence of someone who knows he is the best salesman in the room.  In an instant he would size up a situation and play it to his best advantage. Yet he always left his “customers” feeling as if they’d won the bargain.

    Kirby seemed to consider it some great joke that people would try to hide from him.  He delighted in showing them how easy they were to find.   He could search all day with little apparent need for water or rest and no loss of enthusiasm.  Bad weather just made things more fun for him.   He loved fast boat rides, figuring out which of his tricks would get perfect strangers to toss him a treat, carrying around fuzzy toys, sneaking up on the bed, and –most of all- searching.

  • Kody

    Kody was certified in wilderness, water, evidence and cadaver. He was cross trained in disaster. Kody was a very vocal Aussie, who probably holds a record for chewing up the most bringsals in training. His passion was building searching, but in the wilderness he was an “Awesome Aussie”, a little dog with a big drive. Kody was also in more demonstrations and hug-a-tree presentations than most dogs.


  • Koenig

    Koenig was my trusted companion on searches for ten years. He worked for his love of people and never failed me. He taught me some big lessons for life.

  • Lady

    Lady, was adopted when she was one year old from a family who had a baby and had put the dog outside. Lady had never been on a lead and was terrified, at first, to be taking her first walk. Her trust in her handler was amazing and she went through advanced obedience quickly. Then came SAR agility and other frightening trials, and if Roland was there, that was good enough for her – she did it. We were fortunate to have Lady in our family for 11 years. Her memory lives on in our hearts and the many photos of her at work and play.


  • Max

    Max started life as a rescue dog after being turned in at 11 months. Rescued by Dave Newman, CARDA #168, he became a rescuer of others, he spent 7 years working as a trailing team for CARDA as well as belonging to their county search team, and helped many families locate their missing loved ones.

    When Max was 2 it was discovered that at some earlier time he suffered bilateral fractures of his femur bones that hadn’t been properly treated causing the bones to heal wrong and grind away his hip sockets. He was one of the first recipients of a (then) new replacement device and after several months of rehab was able to return to service. Unfortunately he was unable to have both sides replaced so lived with one bad side for the rest of his life. Even so, he was always the first one out the door when the pager went off.

    When not working as a search dog Max spent his time as a protection dog for Dave and his family and spent his days as the meeter greeter in Dave’s store in South San Francisco where he often held court after school was out. He was a big bear of a dog (115#) who loved children and as a certified therapy dog spent many hours visiting schools and hospitals and working other pubic events. Many afternoons at Dave’s store you would find Max surrounded by school children on their way home from school who stopped in for a bit of love and play.