K9 Memorials

  • Cherokee

    “taken from me, but forever in my heart”

  • Dakar

    Although she was mistreated at a puppy, Dak certified at 18 months, and searched tirelessly for a little over 5 years. She deployed on 162 searches, almost surpassing her Aunt Deja’s record of 165, but in much less time. Before 2 years of age, she was fully certified and continued as my SAR partner until her death.

  • Deja

    Continuing the tradition of boxers in CARDA, Deja certified at 1.5 years and deployed on over 160 searches , Deja was the recipient of Honorable Mention for the AKC’s ACE award for Search and Rescue in 2008. Deja contributed another 2 years to finding lost or deceased people.

  • Fin

    Fin was a superb tracking dog and a master of agility. He was a medium size shepherd and loved to work. If ever there was a dog who loved to fly, it was Fin. He loved to ride in helicopters, Piper Cubs and hot air balloons. One of Fin’s favorite rides was in harness where he was hoisted 200 ft in the air at the Moffett Air Show in the airship hanger.


  • Gilly

    Gilly was sweet, fun, lovable, and courageous.  She was soft and cuddly but never backed away from anything.

    Gilly loved teasing boy-dogs, sleeping in the sun and mischievously dancing around with stolen items (which she never damaged).   She loved an audience and she loved adventure.  But the thing she loved most of all was finding people.

    Gilly had a long and varied career: she searched through woods, down into mines, through the ashes of devastating fires, along raging rivers and on top of smooth lakes.   She was a great dog and is deeply missed.