K9 Memorials

  • Max

    Max started life as a rescue dog after being turned in at 11 months. Rescued by Dave Newman, CARDA #168, he became a rescuer of others, he spent 7 years working as a trailing team for CARDA as well as belonging to their county search team, and helped many families locate their missing loved ones.

    When Max was 2 it was discovered that at some earlier time he suffered bilateral fractures of his femur bones that hadn’t been properly treated causing the bones to heal wrong and grind away his hip sockets. He was one of the first recipients of a (then) new replacement device and after several months of rehab was able to return to service. Unfortunately he was unable to have both sides replaced so lived with one bad side for the rest of his life. Even so, he was always the first one out the door when the pager went off.

    When not working as a search dog Max spent his time as a protection dog for Dave and his family and spent his days as the meeter greeter in Dave’s store in South San Francisco where he often held court after school was out. He was a big bear of a dog (115#) who loved children and as a certified therapy dog spent many hours visiting schools and hospitals and working other pubic events. Many afternoons at Dave’s store you would find Max surrounded by school children on their way home from school who stopped in for a bit of love and play.


  • Mesa

    Mesa was a small Malinois. She was a great agility dog; she liked to hide in the tunnels. And she loved the snow.