K9 Memorials

  • Belle

    The hardest part of SAR is losing one’s partner, rapidly and before their time. Belle was known for her agility, beauty, speed, and trailing; the toughest of problems were no match for her thinking skills. She is the only dog I know that has climbed a tree over 10 feet off the ground in order to obtain a scent picture of the problem she was working. She enjoyed agility so much that she is the only canine I know of her size that could walk, sit and turn around on a 2×4. Belle helped me extend my knowledge to understand there are four trailing zones for a problem and that a handler needs to learn the body language for each zone. Trust in a partner’s ability allows for success as the search work is the dog’s problem and the handler’s job is help keep the canine in the workable scent zones. Our bond is inseparable and she will always be missed. Belle is now with Tasha, playing and searching.

  • Brock

    It’s so hard to write about the hardest day in my life.  That was the day when I took Brock to his final appointment with his veterinary oncologist.  The day I set him free right there in the back of that same jeep that he and I spent so many happy California times in, whether it was for training, camping, exploring…or for searches.  He loved it all, and in that process, he made me a better person.

    Brock was one of the first Rottweiler’s to become Mission Ready in CARDA.   His accomplishments helped to promote the breed in a positive way.  He was an amazing “thinker”.  He was two steps ahead of everyone else when he was given that precious “FIND” command and launched from my jeep…

    He was a true ambassador for his breed.

  • Bruga

    CARDA. He loved to work and search. He was a big shepherd and I think his favorite job was tearing apart the rubble to get to the hidden subjects. A great disaster dog we all loved to watch. The lessons learned with this dog have never been forgotten. “Bruga Bear” – What a dog!